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Exploration 4: Exploring Flickr April 17, 2008

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Flickr is an online site that lets you upload your photos, sort them, label them with key words (known as “tagging”), and share them.  Photos can be marked public or private, so you can choose who sees what.

For this exploration:

1.  To get started exploring Flickr, watch Common Craft’s common sense introduction to Flickr and photosharing.

2.  Go to Flickr and open an account.  Flickr is now owned by Yahoo, so you will need a Yahoo email account to do that.  If you don’t have a Yahoo email account, you can get one here.

3.  Click the “Take the Tour” button on Flickr’s home page.

4.  Type in some keywords to see the kinds of photos you can find.  Once you leave the home page, the Search box has three tabs.  Click “Groups” to see places where people have collaboratively shared photographs on a single topic: crafts made from a single book, Mustangs, etc.

5.  If you like, upload a few photos to Flickr and experiment with tagging them and making them public/private.

6.  Use Flickr’s blogging service to select a photo to put into your blog.  See etiquette notice below!  Then reflect on the potential relevance of photosharing sites to your personal life, professional life, and student learning. Are there any particular safety or privacy issues to conisder?

Important Privacy Note (quoted from Helene Blowers’ project): “When posting identifiable photos of other people (especially minors) is it advisable to get the person’s permission before posting their photo in a publicly accessible place like Flickr. Never upload pictures that weren’t taken by you (unless you have the photographer’s consent) and always give credit when you include photos taken by someone else in your blog.”

Optional: to hear the podcast about Flickr that Helene Blowers recorded for the first Learning 2.0 project, click here.

This exploration is adapted from Helene Blowers’ original Learning 2.0 project (under a Creative Commons license).

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# kj02bps - August 7, 2008

I think Flickr is such a great way to share and keep your photos safe. It seems like kids would love to put their own photos into a classroom blog.